New Year; New Project

It is January 1st, 2017. Which means there will be the inevitable, nostalgic look back at the highs and lows of the previous year and then a look into the void of potential that is the coming twelve months. Followed, very shortly, by the inescapable thought process of ‘Another year has gone by! Time is moving so rapidly.’ 

I guess some may call this a quarter life crisis, common among those of my age who are reaching the end of their studies and looking at the terrifying prospect of entering the ‘Real World’ where one has to become a functioning adult who has to repay what was once a security blanket: University Student Loans.

Now each year, like most, I make a half-hearted attempt at a New Years Resolution to do something or other. And, like most, have alas forgotten it by the proceeding week.

However! This year shall be different. With the slight pressure of giving myself a deadline… combined with the knowledge it shall be published here, this year shall be different.

Resolution proposal: Produce a whole new art project by December 31st, 2017. 

No longer studying Fine Art, I claim that it is something I do in my spare time. In truth, this is not something I achieve very often. Once in a blue moon I may fill my room with the aroma of white spirit and make my hand into a paint palette, but I am finding more frequently that without a project or a deadline I have very little cause to set it all up. Inevitably, there is something else that needs doing, always another priority. This is why I have decided to create this year long project. This is my 2017 New Year’s Resolution.

Plan of action:

January: Artist study 1 – artist copies of works by Egon Schiele

February: Artist study 2 – artist copies of works by collaborative artists Cara Thayer and Louie van Patten

March: Artist Study 3 – artist copies of works by Willi Kissmer

April: Developmental ideas 1 - produce works inspired by artist studies

May: Developmental ideas 2 - produce works inspired by artist studies

June: Observational Studies – work on small details that need practice

July: Experimentation 1  - trial different media, materials and composition ideas

August: Experimentation 2 - trial different media, materials and composition ideas

September: Experimentation 3 – trial different media, materials and composition ideas

October: Final piece concept designs – bring all ideas together into several different final piece designs.

November: Final Piece

December: Final Piece

To backtrack a little to where this post began, the new year is to bring with it some uncertainty. Although we may be despairing at this tumultuous, albeit important, part of life, the New Year also holds hope and potential for great things. It is, for this reason, the theme of my project shall be Hope and Despair. A convenient juxtaposition, one which will be the running theme throughout this project.

So here ‘s to a New Year and a New Project!